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Are you ready to be taken on a health and fitness journey where you will have both the opportunity and support necessary to develop and maintain the best version of yourself? 

Our Mission

Then join the Odyssey Team, which consists of a group of like-minded people who are focused on achieving their individual goals whilst experiencing a range of exciting, imaginative and interesting health, fitness, and wellbeing related activities delivered by Odyssey.
Odyssey’s mission is to enable a sedentary workforce to become fitter, faster, stronger, healthier, more mobile, agile, and knowledgeable in order to improve their overall physical condition, wellbeing, confidence and most importantly – happiness.
Our client support is provided by experienced, highly motivated, and professional staff who take enormous pride in their work and the relationships they build and maintain with Odyssey members. We aim to provide a personalised level of support that will enable each client to identify their own unique goals and then navigate their journey safely, progressively, and successfully, through participation in activities that suit their needs, aspirations, and preferences.

Join us on Youtube. We upload regular video content with tips, advice and explainers to help you on your path to wellness. Got a question or a topic you want to know more about? Leave a comment.



Our Services

Working with; Coatsink, Yarm Wellness, Key Wellbeing, Radical Forge and many more. 

If none of the above meet your needs, Odyssey PT would be happy to discuss other suitable options.

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Odyssey Team

Join the powerful movement of Odyssey, which is available to support you on the journey towards achieving your health and fitness goals, providing a unique, unrivalled level of service and activities, within a community that possesses a welcoming and encouraging team spirit. Most importantly – we will provide you with the belief, motivation, and tools necessary to both inspire change and maintain a continued focus on taking the greatest care of yourself.

Mike - Lead Coach

Mike has been a self-employed Personal Trainer (PT) for over 7-years. This included a period working within the leisure industry, which provided an opportunity to enhance his skills and develop his unique brand before co-creating and launching Odyssey in late 2020.

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Craig - Coach

Before commencing work with Odyssey Craig worked in Addictions Services for 16-years supporting people with substance misuse issues. Craig is passionate about assisting people to make the positive changes necessary to improve their lives, providing guidance, support and encouragement as required.

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Delphi-Blue - Yoga Coach

Yoga initially helped me to heal from a severe knee Injury and helped bring some physical activity back into my life. However over the years it has developed into a  practice where my body, mind and, dare I say soul, have all benefited greatly.

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Megan - Marketing Coordinator & Coach

Megan initially joined the Odyssey team in 2021 as a marketing intern through Teesside University and was lucky enough to be employed by Odyssey at the end of her internship as the marketing coordinator.

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