About Odyssey

Are you ready to be taken on a health and fitness journey where you will have both the opportunity and support necessary to develop and maintain the best version of yourself? 

Our Mission

Then join the Odyssey Team, which consists of a group of like-minded people who are focused on achieving their individual goals whilst experiencing a range of exciting, imaginative and interesting health, fitness, and wellbeing related activities delivered by Odyssey.
Odyssey’s mission is to enable a sedentary workforce to become fitter, faster, stronger, healthier, more mobile, agile, and knowledgeable in order to improve their overall physical condition, wellbeing, confidence and most importantly – happiness.
Our client support is provided by experienced, highly motivated, and professional staff who take enormous pride in their work and the relationships they build and maintain with Odyssey members. We aim to provide a personalised level of support that will enable each client to identify their own unique goals and then navigate their journey safely, progressively, and successfully, through participation in activities that suit their needs, aspirations, and preferences.

Our Core Values


In order to succeed and set a positive example we must be honest and accountable for our own actions or inaction. Understanding and acknowledging our strengths, weaknesses and where we need to improve or develop is key to identifying and achieving our goals.

Goal Setting

Everyone should have goals that they wish to achieve, or an adventure that they intend to participate in – something which inspires us and keeps the mind, body and soul enthused and motivated. One life – Live it – Set and achieve personal goals – Look for your adventure!

Take Responsibility

We are responsible for our own fitness and health related behaviours and habits. Be a leader in these areas – set and maintain a positive approach and feel the benefits.


Never giving up when faced with a challenge requires us to attain a level of self-belief and determination. Learning, adapting, pushing ourselves, and incrementally ‘raising the bar’,
enables us to both grow and develop resilience.


Individuals do not respond well to criticism and negativity. An inclusive, encouraging and consistently positive approach builds confidence and removes limiting beliefs.


Life is too short to be serious all the time. If we enjoy what we do we will reap the rewards, including reduced stress, enhanced well-being/health, better relationships with others, and
overall happiness.


Maintaining balance is key to our well-being. Getting this right and not experiencing negative or excessive spill-over between important key areas of our lives (personal and professional) will ensure we are content and able to perform/function at a consistently optimum level.


Mike and Craig believe in the community Odyssey is progressively building and take enormous pride in how the company, its coaches and highly supportive clients are able to help individuals feel they are valued, able to achieve their specific goals, and that they are engaged in
something unique.


As they say – ‘teamwork makes the dream work’. We achieve little on our own and when we maximise opportunities to build or be part of a team, we receive the positive benefits that enhanced cohesion and the support and encouragement of others can provide.

Risk Taking

We will never know what our limits are if we do not take some considered risks. Taking risks helps us grow as a person – so free your mind, be bold, decisive and have belief in yourself.


Odyssey Team

Mike - Lead Coach

Mike has been a self-employed Personal Trainer (PT) for over 7-years. This included a period working within the leisure industry, which provided an opportunity to enhance his skills and develop his unique brand before co-creating and launching Odyssey in late 2020.

Mikes passion for being active and healthy is both inspiring and relentless. He is currently training to compete within endurance events and maintains this high level of motivation when working with clients in order to deliver the best possible experience.

Mike enjoys maximising quality time with his young family and helping them to stay fit and active.

He supports West Ham United, hates DIY/gardening and absolutely loves cheesecake…

Craig - Coach

Before commencing work with Odyssey Craig worked in Addictions Services for 16-years supporting people with substance misuse issues.

Craig is passionate about assisting people to make the positive changes necessary to improve their lives, providing guidance, support and encouragement as required. He believes that developing and maintaining physical fitness, being outdoors and trying new activities helps individuals to build confidence and maintain a positive attitude toward their health and well-being. Craig seeks to provide opportunities for Odyssey clients to meet like-minded people and feel part of a team with similar challenges and goals.

Craig enjoys weekend adventures away in Vernon the van with his wife and daughter, possessing the
mantra of trying everything at least once. Rugby is his love, closely followed by his viking beard.

He is also a fantastic chef!

Delphi-Blue - Yoga Coach

My name is Delphi-Blue, I am 26 years old and I have been practising Yoga for over 5 years and teaching it for 2 years now.
Yoga initially helped me to heal from a severe knee Injury and helped bring some physical activity back into my life. However over the years it has developed into a  practice where my body, mind and, dare I say soul, have all benefited greatly.
I like to keep my classes balanced and varied so that strength, mobility, flexibility and restoration/meditation are all involved in the right quantities. Likewise I aim to help others develop their connection with their body by using mindful movement inspired by both ancient and modern yoga postures and sequences.
I also use my background in teaching dance to bring more creativity and art into my classes to inspire new ways of moving. Like this, I hope to inspire others to move their bodies in ways they may never have done before!

Megan - Marketing Coordinator & Coach

Megan studied at Teesside University & received a 1st Class Honours in Business Management

Megan initially joined the Odyssey team in 2021 as a marketing intern through Teesside University and was lucky enough to be employed by Odyssey at the end of her internship as the marketing coordinator.

Megan is also a coach in training, with a passion for health and fitness. Megan stated she has used exercise in the past to help with her mental health and wellbeing, explaining that she found exercise and staying active gave her a positive mindset and by doing so it helped her to overcome any difficulties with negative mental health. 

Working at Odyssey has not only allowed Megan to progress with her own fitness and knowledge on how to better look after herself physically & mentally but to also help others use exercise as a tool to improve their overall wellbeing. 

As an avid baker Megan has a bit of a sweet tooth with a particular weakness for chocolate brownies so it’s a good job she loves fitness too!


Training or a Class?



The Zoom training sessions with Odyssey have been an excellent way to maintain my fitness during lockdown – it’s amazing to find out how hard you can work in a small space with just your body weight for gym equipment!I can’t praise the team enough; Mike and Craig are not only dedicated to fitness, but dedicated to their clients too. Each session is meticulously planned – from cardio workouts, through to strength and resistance and core and endurance, each session is carefully designed to ensure that all aspects of fitness are addressed. Nothing is spontaneous – the guys are incredibly knowledgeable and plan each session with the intention of long term progression.The atmosphere within the group is so positive (I particularly enjoyed the Christmas Cardio Quiz!); we’ve now started setting each other small additional challenges to help improve our eating habits or motivate us to push ourselves just that little bit further in training. Feeling like you’re part of a team really does help to maintain a positive mindset.Finally, the best quality about the team at Odyssey is trust. When you sign up you know that you can trust in the quality of service that you will receive – Mike and Craig are both more than happy to discuss personal goals with you and offer advice and guidance beyond the Zoom sessions. You can also trust that, despite feeling the burn, you’ll enjoy your fitness journey!

Sam Deverdics
The Odyssey Zoom training is excellent! Mike and Craig make sure the sessions are not only brilliantly planned, but also really well executed – there’s not been one I haven’t enjoyed! They are usually around 45 minutes and cover everything from cardio, strength, core and resistance training. Mike and Craig really care about helping you achieve your own goals and are more than happy to offer advice and guidance to help you achieve them. Every few weeks they run a fitness test, which offers a fantastic way of tracking your improvements and giving you something to aim for! I’ve already seen a big improvement in my own fitness! In summary, I really can’t recommend the sessions enough. They’re full of energy and the entire team are supportive, kind and really passionate about your fitness and progression.

Simon Launder, Coatsink
After lockdown started I’ve struggled to do any kind of training by myself at home, but with the zoom sessions from Odyssey I’ve been able to get into a fun and social workout routine as well as it’s motivating me to eat healthier and go for walks and do other activities on the side!

Ina Stockland, Coatsink
I have an office job and spend an average of 9 hours a day sat behind a desk. Whilst I’d previously managed to get a few runs in a week, I knew that my overall fitness and mobility had dropped to a pretty low standard. Lock-down exacerbated the situation and also lowered my mood and probably general wellbeing. Joining the Odyssey zoom sessions really made me commit to improving my fitness level and the well-organised, progressive and motivational sessions delivered by the coaches has genuinely delivered tangible results in less than 3-months. The monthly package introduced in February has provided an increased number of sessions, offering greater flexibility to meet my availability during the week and is also good value for money, and that’s without the additional no extra cost benefits of joining the group, such as additional weekend challenges, and the routine provision of health, dietary and general wellbeing advice and support. Superb training sessions, delivered by outstanding, dedicated coaches. I can’t recommend Odyssey strongly enough!

Mark Martin
The guys at odyssey have been great. Excellent and personalized advice, fantastic encouragement and regular check-ins. Currently they have me on a 12 week training plan and genuinely beginning to enjoy it, looking forward to the coming weeks.

Ben Ayling, Coatsink
I’ve never been in better shape than I have since I started training with Mike. He makes workouts fun and diet plans that are easy to stick to. The workouts vary between strength, cardio and core, and he always makes sure he pushes me past my limits I didn’t even know were possible. I couldn’t be more happy with the results and the outstanding service that he provides.

Trish Haste,
Craig and Mike have been brilliant to work/train with. Coming off an injury (and fairly low fitness) to guys have helped me rebuild and are now pushing me to be fitter than ever before! Looking forwards to seeing where my journey (or rather my odyssey) goes 🙂

Josh Beech, Coatsink
When I joined Odyssey fitness, some years ago , I was a 43 year old male ,whom had become complacent in who I was and how I looked. Joining a fitness team rather than the usual gyms or irregular fitness class, was a new experience for myself, but I was welcomed on board by the Odyssey team, whom have helped and supported my new me, by building my confidence and knowledge of all aspects of training to show visible changes in my physique and to drop from 14st 7 lbs to a healthy 12st 6 lbs. I cannot recommend the team enough for your Odyssey journey…

Calvin Jackson


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